Lady Godiva Program

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2015 FAQ

Q. What is the Lady GODIVA Program?
The Lady GODIVA Program is a cause marketing initiative by GODIVA Chocolatier celebrating inspirational women around the world. In honor of the legend of Lady Godiva, the Lady GODIVA Program will honor and celebrate women who embody the spirit of Lady Godiva through selflessness, generosity and leadership.  For more information on the program, please visit the About the Program page.

Q. How do I nominate someone for the Lady GODIVA Program?
Nominating an inspirational woman for the Lady GODIVA Programis simple -- just complete the form on our nomination page with their name, description of their work, and a photograph.

Q. Can men be entered to be a Lady GODIVA Program Honoree?
The Lady GODIVA Program is meant to celebrate and honor women who are giving back to their communities. Men are invited to nominate a woman in their life and vote for the finalists; however men are not eligible to be honorees.

Q. Is there a prize for being named a Lady GODIVA Program Honoree?
The Lady GODIVA Program will award one Lady GODIVA Honoree in each of the three categories with a $10,000 grant toward their cause.

Q. How does the Lady GODIVA Program work?
Nominations for the 2015 Program will begin on March 7th through April 11th. In mid-April, GODIVA will announce the top three finalists in each category and open the voting to the entire GODIVA community. The top nominee from each category will be named a Lady GODIVA Honoree and awarded a $10,000 grant toward her cause.  For complete rules, please visit the Rules and Regulations page.

Q. What are the three categories for nominations?
The Lady GODIVA Program will accept nominations that fall within three categories:

Health, Wellness and Hunger:  For women making a difference through their efforts in the fields of medicine, mental health or general well-being, as well as women who are fighting to alleviate hunger in local communities.

Children, Families and Poverty:  For women who focus directly on improving the lives of children and families, including initiatives in childhood education, foster care, services for families in need, and initiatives aimed at reducing poverty, such as job training.

Environment:  For women who are dedicated to saving the environment, alleviating climate change, preserving conservation rights, fighting on behalf of endangered animals, and other related causes.

For more information on the categories, please visit About the Program.

Q. How long is the Lady GODIVA Program accepting nominations?
We will be accepting nominations from March 8 – April 11, 2015.

Q. What is the voting period?
The voting periods begins on April 22 – May 8, 2015.  For complete rules, please visit the Rules and Regulations page.

Q. During the voting period, how often can I vote for my favorite nominee?
You may vote once every 24 hours.  For complete rules, please visit the Rules and Regulations page.

Q. Does my nominee's cause have to be a 501C3 organization?
No, the causes represented dos not need to be 501C3 organizations.  GODIVA is hoping to recognize women for doing good in their communities through a variety of volunteer and cause-related opportunities.

Q. If I receive one of the Lady GODIVA Program grants, do I have to pay taxes on it?
It depends on the tax classifications of the winning organizations.  If the organization is a 501C3 organization, then there will not be taxes paid on the monetary donation. If the organization is not a 501C3 organization, the monetary donation will be net of taxes.

Q. Are GODIVA employees eligible to be named as Lady GODIVA Program Honorees?
No, employees of GODIVA and their immediate families are not eligible to be named Lady GODIVA Program Honorees.