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Lynne Silver

San Francisco, CA - 2015 Honoree


Adopt International

Original Nomination:

Lynne has traveled all over the world to help match orphans with their adoptive parents and bring them home. AI is committed to every birth family we work with. Lynne’s stories of her work are countless and each one is more incredible than the last.

- Nominated by: Jessica Adam

In Her Own Words:

My agency was founded because I didn’t like the way adoptions were being done in the 1970/80s. They were judgmental for both birth families and adoptive families (I was actually initially denied and told I was too headstrong and independent because I was a single woman when I adopted my first child). I wanted an educational agency so I started my own. If families are educated and treated respectfully, we can guide them through the adoption experience and continue to help them through the years ahead. I’m so proud that today over thirty years later we are still here doing ethical work and our mission statement now includes the words “compassion and generosity.” Many of our families from years past, keep in contact with us, that allows us to keep them informed of progress in the adoption community.

Adoptions, when done ethically and right, improve the lives of children and families. I have been so proud of the educational work we have also done for the birth families from which those children came. Foster care is close to my heart as it is sometimes a more loving solution to an institution and of course because it brought me my son. Services for families in need is what we do everyday, whether they are adoptive families in need or birth families in need. I’d like to think that in every one of the cases we were involved in that we assisted in reducing poverty by educating communities in Romania, building schools in Nepal, offering scholarships to birth mothers here in the US, or giving micro grants in Vietnam. Each case or project seemed so individual at the time but when I look back on my career and all that we have done, I feel pride that I had the courage and leadership to focus on both the bigger picture and each individual child.

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