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Lori Flowers

Los Angeles, CA - 2015 Honoree


Triple Step Toward the Cure

Original Nomination:

After losing her only sister to [triple negative breast cancer] at the age of 42, Lori vowed to turn this negative experience into something powerful and positive. She did just that by starting Triple Step along with her mom Carole and their friend and survivor Louisa, to support other women and their families who are on this journey.

- Nominated by: Cecilia Manst-Krask

In Her Own Words:

“You have to bloom where you are planted.” This was my sister’s mantra, even after her diagnosis with triple negative breast cancer (TNBC), a disease many people have never heard of. Co-founding Triple Step Toward the Cure was my way of ‘blooming’ after losing her by raising awareness of TNBC and actively supporting those diagnosed. Treatment options are still limited and many women we work with are struggling just to make ends meet. We have a ways to go. However, I believe the steps we are taking add to collective efforts being made to better treat and ultimately end this disease.

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