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Susan Guess

Paducah, KY - 2017 Lady GODIVA Honoree


Guess Anti-Bullying Foundation

Original Nomination:

- Nominated by: Maurie McGarvey

In Her Own Words:

Susan founded the Guess Anti-Bullying Foundation with her 8 year old daughter, Morgan, who had been bullied by a classmate so severely, it caused her to fall into depression. Together, they have raised nearly $75,000 to bring education and awareness to the issue of bullying, and were even able to convince their governor to appoint a statewide bullying task force. Susan and her daughter serve on the task force today.

Recently, they were able to get a bill passed that created a formal definition for bullying in their home state of Kentucky, which will open the door for more children to ask for help and to no longer suffer in silence, the way Morgan once did.

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