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Elise Herman

Chapel Hill, NC - 2016 Lady GODIVA Honoree


Super Cooper's Little Red Wagon Foundation

Original Nomination:

Elise Herman got the devastating news that her son, Cooper, had a brain tumor when Cooper was two years old. She dedicated herself fully (as she always does with everything) to finding the best treatment for Cooper. Part of getting Cooper the best care was traveling to medical centers all over the country. Through these experiences, Elise met other cancer warriors -- patients and their families -- who also had to travel for care. For some, it meant using the last dime they had. For others, it was an expense, but do-able. But for everyone, it was expensive and meant leaving the people and places you know during a time when the comfort of familiarity would have been nice to have. While Cooper was sick and since he passed away, Elise felt she could help these families when their treatment brought them to her hometown of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Through Super Cooper's Little Red Wagon Foundation, Elise has created a network of people and housing.for families when they need it most.

- Nominated by: Katherine Asaro

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