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Stephanie Bowman

Orlando, FL - 2013 Honoree


One Heart for Women and Children

Original Nomination:

- Nominated by: Stacie Sabania

In Her Own Words:

Stephanie was homeless 14 years ago, is survivor of drug abuse and 14 years in recovery, survivor of domestic violence and is a survivor of cancer multiple times. She has a wonderful supportive husband and children that give lots of their time at One Heart. Thru her life journey experiencing these many what could have been hardships she has been able to use as an asset, not a liability. She shares her experience, strength and hope with others and thru that offers hope to many people walking thru life experiences of the same. She started a non profit organization called One Heart for Women and Children a few years ago and now they offer that hope thru resources that are available and help over 1,000 people a month. She feeds the homeless each week, some weeks 400 at a time with not only food but socks, blankets and personal hygiene items. As she feeds the hungry, not only does she provide the food but sits and talks with them & prays with them as people have done for her. She does not judge people for where they are or what they are walking thru, she meets them where they are so they can learn and grow from there......together. It is about making the personal relationships for Stephanie, to share life stories and life solutions together. One Heart for Women and Children is based in the Central Florida area and works with the under-resourced, under-employeed and unemployed families locally needed a hand up, not a hand out. This last Christmas thru One Heart for Women and Children they were able to provide presents for over 1700 children locally. I remember 7 years ago a story Stephanie shared with me about providing presents for women and their children living in a local shelter, after the Santa called all the children to sit on his lap and he gave multiple presents to each child one of the boys was crying, she walked over to Johnny and asked if he was ok, he was so over excited he was was because of the trucks or the toys, it was because he had a NEW pack of boys underware that he could write HIS name in, not have to wear underwear with the name of someone else. After that year it was CLEAR to Stephanie and her family that no child should go without and they made a commitment to help when and where they could. That year they went from providing presents for 17 children to 7 years later having the support and help from community to help over 1700 children, this is just one of the differences she has made. Over $400,000.00 in donations

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