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Erin Dinan

New York, NY - 2013 Honoree


One Sandwich at a Time, Inc.

Original Nomination:

- Nominated by: Ashley DeShields

In Her Own Words:

My nominee began feeding the homeless as a personal project of her own. She would sit and speak with people on the streets and created a blog to express the stories of the individuals that she spoke to. Her goal was to raise awareness and empathy for the homeless- to decrease the judgement that they face. She would pack sandwiches with her and hand them to people on the street as a gesture of gratitude and to let them know that someone cared about them. She always says, "If I can help another human being make it to their next meal, then I have made a difference." Her friends quickly supported her idea and her project soon became a nonprofit, One Sandwich at a Time. She holds monthly sandwich events, where friends and local community members gather together to make sandwiches for homeless shelters and food pantries. At each event, you will see anywhere between 20-50 people coming out to make a difference! They make about 1,000 sandwiches per event and have a goal of feeding 25,000 persons within the year. In one year, Erin has made an outstanding difference and has received much recognition from the media. She was June 2012's "New Yorker of the Week" on NY1 News and was honored by the United Nations for their World Humanitarian Day awards. The link to these honors : Erin has already helped feed over 8,000 individuals and has touched the lives of many. She has created this beautiful community of like-minded New Yorkers by setting an example of humanity and compassion. She has been supported by many kitchens, shelters, and sponsors and has received financial support from Whole Foods. She is an inspiring and dedicated young woman, and I firmly believe she genuinely exemplifies Lady Godiva.

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