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Molly Breitenfeld

Plano, TX - Winter 2012 Honoree


SPARK Ministry

Original Nomination:

Molly Breitenfeld- She puts a group of women together to go to long term faith based homeless shelters and put on a retreat for them,along with pampering, praise and worship, small group studies,gifts and fun, fun, fun.They just celebrated their 5th yr., with 22 trips from Seattle to NY. Some have called it a party in a box. These retreats bless the women at the center and the women that go to serve. The women that serve come from different churches and all walks of life and all ages.

- Nominated by: Victoria Todd

In Her Own Words:

Molly Breitenfeld, Founder of SPARK Ministry, had an incredible vision 5 years ago to love and encourage women living in faith-based homeless shelters by ministering to their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs through short-term mission retreats. Today, Molly’s dream is a “sparkling” reality! Through her dynamic leadership, SPARK (which stands for Serving People And Reflecting Kindness) brings love, laughter, and life in its fullness to hundreds of women all across our country who are experiencing very difficult life situations.

Molly has done a phenomenal job of organizing 770 volunteers on 24 different trips who embrace, encourage, and empower the precious ladies in shelters to feel secure in who God has created them to be! Coast to coast, SPARK Ministry has touched the hearts of over 1000 women and 580 children in homeless shelters.  Through music, dance, home-cooked meals, gifts, crafts, pampering, testimonies, prayer, small group discussions, and worship, Molly, and the Spark Team, create a weekend retreat that is never forgotten, either by those receiving or those serving. It is an “over the top” experience that gives freedom for fun and awareness of value and worth! 


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