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Cora White

Madison, WI - Fall 2012 Honoree


With Foster Care Children and Family Fund in Madison, Wisconsin

Original Nomination:

Foster Care Children and Family Fund has expanded worldwide. She's opened a 50-bed foster home in India, 6 medical, dental clinics & 6 pharmacies in 40 villages. She's also opened 6 women/girls Sewing Centers to teach women/girls to sew & become self-employed. It started in 1 community with about 300 children & the program expanded to several states & currently serve approximately 10,000 in the U.S. For over 25 yrs none of the board members, volunteers or the Executive Director is paid.

- Nominated by: Patt McGee

In Her Own Words:

I took in my first foster child to help a member of her family. After the boy returned home his social worker suggested I take on more children since the boy had a positive experience. Many children had come through my home when I received a phone call one Christmas Eve asking me to take in a 15 year old boy. He arrived with only a pair of pants and shirt in a small paper bag. I scrambled to find presents to put under the tree for him. He said it was the first time he ever received anything for Christmas. At that moment I decided every child should have gifts of some kind on Christmas morning.

Partners in Foster Care, Inc. has impacted greatly on the community. We’ve served over 150,000 children worldwide. The program started in one community with approximately 300 children and within two years the program expanded to several states, serving approximately 10,000 people in the U.S. I have organized week-long respite camps for foster youth, provided training to over 250,000 people worldwide, a week-long international foster care conference serving 800 people from 40 different countries and started programs for people in India, Liberia and Trinidad.


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