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Cheryl Jackson

Plano, TX - Fall 2012 Honoree


Minnie's Food Pantry

Original Nomination:

Cheryl (Action) Jackson is the president of Minnie's Food Pantry. Feeding the hungry is what drives her. She recently found out about a small local church in which the members were struggling to make ends. She opened up her pantry to feed everyone in the Church so that they could eat. Because she once stood in line for food, she vowed to make that a pleasant experience and not a degrading one. Just featured on the food network special Hunger in America. That's how big of an impact she has made.

- Nominated by: Darius Hawthorne

In Her Own Words:

Cheryl "Action" Jackson has over 20 years of nonprofit experience and she has become a voice for the hungry.  It is said that through your pain, you find your life's purpose and passion. Cheryl has seen hunger first hand, not just through the lives of the people that she meets on a daily basis, but that of her own. She knows what it feels like to be hungry, and not know how you’re going to feed your children. She know the feeling of shame you receive by having to go to the government and lose your pride and integrity because you are not able to keep food on the table. Jackson and her husband collectively worked 5 jobs and still could not make ends meet.  She smiled as she went into the government offices to get assistance but walked away feeling sad and depressed as she carried one bag of miscellaneous food in her hands.  Jackson was so humiliated and heartbroken that the experience made her question was there a better way to serve people in need. After the death of her father, she decided to use the rest of her life to make a difference.  With very little savings Jackson she founded her charity, Minnie's Food Pantry, which is named after her mother, Minnie Ewing.

Action Jackson serves families by providing healthy, nutritional meals and she literally rolls out the "red carpet" for families to walk on.  Jackson has used the local and national media to echo her voice of reducing hunger. Through her leadership over one million meals have been distributed to families and Minnie’s Food Pantry has been featured on several national media outlet including Hunger Hits Home documentary on The Food Network,  The Talk, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, The Marriage Ref and many others.

Twitter: @cherylaction @Feedjustone

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