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Heidi Markow

Easton, PA - Fall 2012 Honoree


The Beginning Over Foundation

Original Nomination:

After losing her sister to domestic violence, Heidi stepped into an arena no one would touch, paving the way for others to take back their lives and regain control. She fought for Kimberly's law, child custody legislation in cases of domestic violence, signed into law Nov 2010. She aided a family of 4 children whose father was killed by their mother, raising over $15,000 in less than a month and soliciting donations of bldg materials for an addition to the home of family taking in the children.

- Nominated by: Susan Boerchers

In Her Own Words:

I started the Beginning Over Foundation to honor my sister whose life was lost to domestic violence and to find a way to heal myself after her tragedy. What began as a promise to Robin turned into one of my life’s greatest achievements. Through Robin's tragedy I have been able to reach women in need of empowerment and healing, and developed one-of-a-kind programs and services on true healing and recovery for domestic abuse survivors. Every day I am inspired by women who seek my help. I teach them how to take back their lives by moving past their pain to their divine destiny. For every woman that I help, I keep my sister’s memory alive. I have run my own race and worked to rise above the status quo attitude connected to domestic abuse. My goal is to increase awareness and acceptance, making the Domestic violence purple ribbon as recognizable as the pink ribbon for breast cancer, and I want women to know what matters most in their healing process is what they believe about their own value and significance in this world.

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