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The wait is over, the votes are in! Announcing the 2016 Lady GODIVA Program Honorees.

By Christina Roperti - May 26, 2015

Meet the three women who inspired the GODIVA community to come out in droves in support of their causes. Roberta Hughes, Elise Herman, and Diane Nicholas will each receive a $10,000 grant to support their extraordinary work. Read on to get to know them and learn what fuels their passion.

Health, Wellness, and Hunger Honoree: Roberta Hughes

Roberta founded the Healthy Me Project just a year ago, but she’s already transforming lives and making plans to expand. Roberta saw an opportunity in her work as a yoga and pilates instructor to connect with a community not often served by the fitness industry: developmentally disabled teens and adults. She created a program specifically tailored to their needs, pairing athletes with coaches who teach fitness, nutrition, and wellness. Originally intended to help those with developmental disabilities fight obesity, the project has grown into something even larger and more holistic.

Learn more about the Healthy Me Project.

Children, Families, and Poverty Honoree: Elise Herman

The Super Cooper’s Little Red Wagon Foundation, founded in honor of Elise’s son, gives children receiving treatment for pediatric brain cancer a home away from home. The families  of pediatric brain cancer patients often spend months away from their homes and support systems under enormous financial strain. Over the last five years, Elise’s foundation has opened up four apartments to families of children being treated at Duke and UNC hospitals, offering amenities that cater to their specific needs. She’s there for them when they need it most, and provides comfort and support during difficult and uncertain times.

Learn more about Super Cooper’s Little Red Wagon Foundation.

Environment Honoree: Diane Nicholas

Diane dedicates her life to rescuing orphaned fawns in northern California through her work with the Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue. Her wildlife rescue serves four counties, taking in injured or sick fawns, helping them recover, and releasing them back into the wild. In the last six years, Diane has rescued and released over 540 fawns and personally answered over 800 calls from all over the United States about deer in need. She makes herself available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist animals who need it.

Learn more about the Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue.

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