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Team USA: Women who “Dared To” in Sochi

By Christina Roperti - February 23, 2014

It’s hard to think of a better example of a “dared to” moment than when an Olympic skier propels herself over a jump and through the air.

For more than a decade, Lindsay Van lead the charge to get women’s ski jumping into the Olympics -- and earlier this month, her teammate Sarah Hendrickson became the first woman to ski jump in an Olympic competition. These ski jumpers are finally sailing over the arbitrary hurdles placed in their way, like unfounded beliefs that female bodies can’t handle the sport.

Erin Hamlin set another first for the U.S. when she medaled for singles luge. Traditionally, Germany dominates luge events, but, thanks to Erin, the U.S. has joined the three other countries who have medals in the sport -- for the first time in 50 years.

Slopestyle snowboarding has only just become an official Olympic event, but Team U.S.A. dominated with gold medal wins in both men’s and women’s events. Competitor after competitor suffered risky falls, but Jamie Anderson won gold after an almost flawless run, pulling off complicated and even dangerous moves with ease.

Whether medaling or not, the fearless women of Team U.S.A. are making history and inspiring women across the world to fight for inclusion, break down barriers, and approach tricky obstacles with a cool head and a clear mind.

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