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Make a Difference with Lady Godiva Honorees

December 3, 2013

Looking for a way to make a difference this holiday season but not sure how? Each one of these fantastic organizations, founded by Lady GODIVA Honorees, is a great place to start.

Here are 12 great ways to give back:

Stephanie Bowman : One Heart

One Heart for Women and Children offers hope and a safe place to stay for families facing various types of hardship. Donate here.


Erin Dinan : One Sandwich at a Time

One Sandwich at a Time raises awareness and inspires empathy for the growing homeless population in New York City and beyond. Donate here.


Molly Rockamann : EarthDance

Through hands-on education and delicious experiences, EarthDance sustainably grows food, farmers, and community, one small farm at a time. Donate here.


Heidi Markow : The Beginning Over Foundation

The Beginning Over Foundation offers survivors of domestic violence and domestic homicide support and long term solutions as they rebuild their lives. Donate here.


Emily Auerbach : The Odyssey Project

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Odyssey Project offers a humanities class for adult students facing economic barriers to college, enabling them to transform their lives and find a career direction.            Donate here.


Sheila Warnock : Share the Care

Share the Care seeks to improve the quality of life of persons who are seriously ill, disabled, or aging, and to reduce stress, depression, isolation and economic hardship often suffered by their family caregivers. Donate here.


Cheryl Jackson : Minnie’s Food Pantry

Minnie’s Food Pantry transforms the experience of waiting in line at a food pantry and provides a free supply of emergency groceries once per month per household for needy local residents. Donate here.


Shari Caffrey : Taylor’s Wish

In memory of Shari’s daughter, Taylor, Taylor’s Wish raises funds and awareness for people suffering from pulmonary hypertension through the annual Taylor's Wish 5k Race 2 Cure PH. Donate here.


Molly Breitenfeld : Spark Ministry

Spark Ministry organizes short-term mission retreats for women at faith-based homeless shelters that feature music, dance, home-cooked meals, pampering, and prayer. Donate here.


Cora White : Foster Care Children and Family Fund

The Foster Care Children and Family Fund fills the void between available government services and the exceptional needs of children in foster and other out-of-home placements. Donate here.


Kristina Saffran : Project HEAL

Project HEAL provides scholarship funding for people with eating disorders who cannot afford treatment, promotes healthy body image and self esteem, and serves as a testament that full recovery from an eating disorder is possible. Donate here.


Jenette Meldrum : PORCH-Durham

PORCH-Durham collects food and provides backpacks with food for the weekend to children most in need in Durham’s public schools. Donate here.



Happy choosing!