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“I Dared to Walk Away”

By Jeri Finard, GODIVA President - September 23, 2013

Sometimes courage is knowing when to walk away.

A few years ago, I was working my way up the career ladder at a big corporation, where there was competition at every turn. The company had just completed a big acquisition and offered me a top spot where I could really expand my work portfolio.

But there was a catch: I had to move states. With three small kids at home, that meant uprooting them from their friends and school, shaking up their lives entirely.

So, I walked into my manager’s officer and shocked her by turning down the job.

I explained that sometimes in life, work takes precedence, but sometimes family has to rule. This time, I was choosing family – even if it meant putting my job at risk.

Lucky for me, the company decided to keep me on, offering me a position running a far less glamorous division.

I turned that moment into an opportunity. For three years, I focused on growing the business, building a strong team and innovation pipeline to grow revenue, volume and, profit for consecutive years.

That "dog" assignment ended up making my reputation. And it all started with decision to do what was right for me and my family -- to walk away.

I dared to say “no,” and it couldn’t have turned out better.