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How you ‘Dare To’

October 25, 2013

Thanks for sharing your “dare to” moments.

We’re completely bowled over by your stories. Giving back to communities through support groups, ministries, and shelters. Fighting cancer and substance abuse. Advocating for education and founding orphanages. And pursuing all sorts of incredible dreams.

Here are a few our favorites:

“I dare other people to be positive. I am the 18-year-old co-founder of an anti-cyberbullying and positive self-esteem organization called Think Before You Type. Part of what we do is dare other young people to do positive things for the people around them.” - Lauren, Douglassville, PA

“I have a developmentally delayed son who was denied services at a hospital because of his condition. I did my research and wrote a letter describing our experience, and within one week, my son was admitted as a patient. I ‘dared to’ question their policy regarding my son and won the right for other children with developmental disabilities to be treated as equals!” - Tina, Chesapeake Beach, MD

“I proposed to him!” - Darla, Austin, TX

“Honestly, I don't have a story where I started an organization, or where I dreamed up ways to save the world. All I did was dare to change my own situation at a time when it was very dangerous and very scary to do so. My ex-husband was an abusive man, however I honestly thought that I was the only one he abused. I was wrong. I went to the police and told them what I had discovered. After filing charges, my girls and I left. We left everything behind, all we had was the clothes on our back, about $150 and a borrowed vehicle. We moved away, where I had no family or friends, so that he could not find us. And we began again. The reason for my ‘dared to’ story was simply my two girls. Their strength, their tenacious belief in the world around them -- it amazes me everyday.”
- Carra

“I started running marathons at age 40... and continue since then. I'm fast approaching 50!” - Grace, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“Some of the boldest things a person does have significance only once they're done. I gave my dad one of my kidneys two years ago. At the time it was a simple decision when I knew giving my spare would mean a spectacular outcome for him. It's only when I tell others what I've done that I realize it was bold.” - Jennifer, Long Beach, CA


Your stories of speaking out, standing up, digging in, and reaching out illustrate how ‘dare to’ moments mean taking actions both big and small.

Daring takes a lot of forms. Submit your “dared to” moment here.